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83 Million People

That is how many people are involved in Network marketing, MLM around the world, and they ALL face the same problem….Lead Generation FACT

The industry faces a dropout rate of around 92%, and this due to the fact of members failing to build an big enough team fast enough, and this comes back to lack of leads.

Bringing the NET into NETwork Marketing offers those that are involved in Network Marketing, MLM or Internet Marketing the perfect solution to never struggle again with leads.

The potential worldwide market is huge. Currently there is no coaching programme that brings together the power of the internet and Network Marketing, and delivers it in such a way, that can be used and understood by anyone.

As an affiliate you have an 83 Million people market place. Work the math yourself, base your figure on the $13 (approx) you make as an affiliate recurring income. Take a figure of just a point- 1/4, 1/8th, 1/16th or even 1/32nd of a percent (%) and you will see the potential recurring income is huge.

The term of a coaching member is expected to be long term, even full term. With 60 weekly in-depth modules, plus backed up by FREE downloadable in-depth video courses and Ebooks the retention will be good.

If you require any other tools to help in your promotion, please contact Support and we will work with you to make your affiliate campaign a financial success.

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